Gearbox Software to bring Gears of War 4 to PC

Gearbox is set to launch Gears of Wars 4 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The developer will release a beta version on August 20.

Gearbox has partnered with the developers at Bioware and will use its own tools and technology to build the game.

Gear Box says the game will be “the next generation of gaming”.

Gears of war 4 was developed by Gearbox, Biowares studio.

Gearboxes CEO Andrew House said the team was “truly excited” to be working with Biowarrior and Gearbox to bring the title to the PC and Xbox One.

“The future of gaming is PC and consoles,” House said.

Gearbox said Gears of warfare 4 would feature “massive, open world”, multiplayer “and massive destruction”. “

Biowarriors core business is to make great gaming experiences for people to play and play again.”

Gearbox said Gears of warfare 4 would feature “massive, open world”, multiplayer “and massive destruction”.

It will feature a new multiplayer game mode called “Gears of War 3: Horde”, as well as a new story mode called the “Greed for Glory”.

Gears 4 is scheduled to be released on August 28.

“It’s a game that takes place over several years in the future where the game world has become much more expansive and the story has gotten much bigger and the game’s gameplay has gotten better,” House told

“I can’t wait to show it off to you guys.”

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