Microsoft’s Cura software gives users access to your social network in the cloud

Microsoft’s cura cloud software is now being used in the US to track users on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and provide the company with information on them.

In the UK, it’s being used to track the whereabouts of a person, but not to track them personally.

The software, which Microsoft bought in 2013 for $3.5 billion, is a free and open source tool.

It works on Windows 10 computers, Macs and Linux.

Its developers say it’s designed to provide users with a quick way to get information about them without having to rely on a person or a company to provide it.

It allows you to see who’s sharing your interests, how many people are sharing it and what their interests are, as well as sharing other information about you.

Users have the option to set up profiles, where they can share their interests with others, like friends and colleagues, or simply a contact.

Users can also create and share personal profiles, but this is usually limited to their own interests.

For example, if you’re an actor, it might not be possible to see what other people are talking about, or what they’re watching, or where they’re going.

The Microsoft Cura app on the Google Play Store in the UK.

Microsoft is using it to track people and businesses Microsoft is also using it in the United States to track social networks, and the companies are using it for their own purposes.

The company is now giving away a version of its software to US law enforcement to use as part of a criminal investigation, according to a blog post from Microsoft.

It says it has found that the FBI’s Criminal Investigative Use of Technology Initiative (CITI) uses its own version of cura to track US law-enforcement.

This software, according a Microsoft spokesperson, is used to identify and investigate criminal activity on social media sites, and to identify people who may be associated with criminal activity, such as those who are involved in organised crime.CITIS uses cura as a search tool, a way of automatically identifying and linking people who have been identified as being involved in criminal activity.

Microsoft says it is not tracking the individuals in the screenshots, and is not using the data collected by cura, but it’s using the software as part the investigation.

The company is also not using it as a surveillance tool, but as a way to collect data that can be used to help investigate the people involved.

It’s also a way for law enforcement officials to gather evidence from social media accounts that may be relevant to their investigations.

Microsoft is not the only tech company to use cura in this way.

The Google Play store has an app called The Big Brother of Social Networks that allows users to add and remove friends and people from their profiles.

The Facebook app has a similar feature called the Friends API, which allows users with Facebook accounts to add friends and other friends to their Facebook profiles.

Facebook says it does not use curas data to help it track its users.

A Google spokesperson told the BBC that the company uses curas and that it does track people when they use the API to connect to other people’s profiles, although it’s unclear how many of those users are using the app.

Google also uses a different way to track who is using its services.

It uses an API to identify a specific IP address and a timestamp for each time it’s used.

It also uses an app on its servers to record the IP address, and store the timestamp, as long as that IP address is not shared with any third parties.

The data that Facebook stores in its servers is not used by the company to track or monitor the users it records, but the data is used in ways that are different to how it would use the information it collects in the traditional way, the spokesperson said.

A Microsoft spokesperson said:”When we use our APIs to track individuals, we are not sharing any of their personal information with third parties, including third-party vendors or governments.

For more information about how we use your personal data, please see our privacy policy.”

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