Why does Apple update its operating system every year?

Apple’s OS update cycles are an important part of the company’s continued success.

And they’re something that Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has been talking about for some time.

The company has a history of doing so, but Cook told reporters on Tuesday that it wasn’t necessary to do so to keep pace with new hardware and software features.

Cook said that updating the OS is a simple matter of checking the software version number.

“You can go in and check that right now, and you can see what the version number is.

And you just go in there, and it will update automatically,” he said.

The OS update cycle is a big deal.

Apple doesn’t release new versions of the operating system in advance.

In the case of the iPhone 5, for example, Apple only made two updates in 2018.

That meant the company only released a total of three new software updates to the OS.

Apple updates its OS through a process called a “recovery” that happens in three stages: The OS is first updated on a regular basis, and then each OS update is automatically rolled out to a subset of iOS users.

That way, if there’s a new feature that the company wants to introduce to the app, it doesn’t have to wait for the OS to be updated to support it.

For Apple’s iPhone 5s, for instance, the first update came on September 12, and Apple rolled out the first two OS updates on September 15 and September 18.

The second update came two days later, on September 21.

The last OS update came three days later on September 25.

The iOS version of the phone shipped on September 30, but the update was pushed out to only some users.

That’s a big change for the company, which traditionally releases a set of updates to a few hundred million devices per year.

Apple was able to update its iOS platform every two to three years, depending on the product.

That’s not the case with the iPhone.

In 2018, Apple released its first OS update to the iPhone 6S, and the company pushed out the update in July.

That means Apple has pushed out OS updates to more than 1.6 billion iPhones.

This isn’t the first time Apple has rolled out updates to all iOS users every few months.

In January 2018, for the iPhone SE, the company rolled out its next major update to all users on October 28, 2018.

And last year, Apple rolled Out iOS 10.3 to iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 users on September 13.

But Apple has taken a more incremental approach with its OS updates in recent years.

This year, the update process took more than a year, and that was with a large number of devices in production.

That slowed the pace of the OS updates.

In 2017, for every iPhone sold, Apple spent $1 billion on updating the platform.

That year, that number increased to $2.3 billion.

That $2 billion added up to nearly $6 billion per day in operating costs, according to Bloomberg.

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