How to take on the world in one fell swoop with an eclipse simulator

The software and software-as-a-service industry is in a bit of a mess these days.

But that’s not stopping a few companies from making it easier for you to design and create beautiful, interactive 3D worlds using their own software.

In this episode of the podcast, we explore how Eclipse Software’s GeoViewer works with its GeoTools app and how to take your eclipse-viewing experience to the next level with Eclipse Viewer.

Learn more about Eclipse Software:GeoViewer, GeoTools, Eclipse Source Politico title The most important tool for building beautiful 3D digital worlds: Eclipse software article In this episode, we discuss how GeoViewers and GeoTools can help you design and build beautiful, immersive 3D virtual worlds.

Learn all about GeoViews and GeoTools:Geocenter, GeoTool, GeoViewSource Politico title Eclipse Software founder says we’re on a new evolutionary path as we scale our businesses article In an interview with The Verge, the founder of Eclipse Software says he’s excited to see the company grow in the coming years.

“We have to see if there is an opportunity to grow the business, but we are seeing the evolution of our business,” said Tom Sheppard, CEO of Eclipse.

“Our business has grown significantly and I’m very excited to say that we are on the new evolutionary paths we have to go on, to build new businesses.”

Learn more:Geomarketing, GeoMarks, GeoTracking, GeoTool, GeoVision, GeoSpatialSource Politico

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