Why iOS 8.3 is not just a bug fix update for iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7, and iPad Pro

Developer blog iOS developer blog Developer blog Apple has announced iOS 8, a new major release that is intended to bring more stability, performance, and security improvements to iOS and macOS devices.

The update, which is now rolling out to devices on the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6, iPhone X, and the new iPad Pro, is the first of a series of software updates to fix bugs and optimize performance for iOS and OS X.iOS 8.0, which launched in October, brought improvements to Apple’s mobile operating system, including improved performance, better security, and improved security and stability of iCloud.iOS 7.0 introduced new features such as a new FaceTime video chat and support for Face ID.iOS 6 introduced new UI elements such as an option to hide the lock screen when the screen is off.iOS 5.1 introduced a new lock screen widget and added a “Do Not Disturb” mode to lock screens.iOS 4 introduced a more reliable way to unlock an iPhone using a physical button press or a tap of the Home button.iOS 3 introduced the Apple Watch, the first Android Wear device.iOS 2 introduced a redesigned interface for the Home screen.iOS 1.2 introduced new icon themes, a redesigned Notification Center, and a revamped user interface.iOS 0.9 introduced a number of bug fixes, including a bug that prevented some third-party applications from using some APIs, as well as improved reliability and stability.iOS has also introduced a few new APIs for developers.

These include an API for accessing information about devices, such as their name, location, battery life, and more.iOS 10 also introduced support for iOS apps that run on macOS.

iOS 10 also introduces the ability for third-parties to use a special iOS developer ID to access data about iOS devices from third-Parties.

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