Why Logitech Unifying Software is the New Windows 10 Freebie

Logitech is one of the biggest companies in the world, but its Windows 10 software is one-fifth of what Apple offers.

That means Logitech gets the chance to get a free upgrade.

The company says the software upgrade will be available to anyone who buys a Logitech USB keyboard, mouse, headset, or gaming PC.

“The upgrade will allow you to use Logitech’s Windows 10 operating system in the same way that you would use the same operating system on your Windows 10 desktop,” a company spokesperson told Ars.

“This includes the new Cortana and Windows Hello features.”

While Microsoft has a free-to-try Windows 10 upgrade program, you won’t get one for free if you purchase a LogiTunes subscription.

The Logitech spokesperson said that it’s a “free upgrade” that includes the ability to access Cortana and Microsoft’s Windows Hello.

The spokesperson said the upgrade is not “a subscription,” but a “subscription of some kind.”

The company also said the Logitech upgrade includes the option to download additional Windows 10 features.

The first thing you’ll notice with the LogiTurbo software upgrade is that it’ll install itself on your PC, but the company also says you’ll be able to add new Windows 10-based apps and settings to your desktop without having to delete them.

For instance, you’ll no longer have to remove the Start menu to get to Windows 10’s Metro UI.

Microsoft has long promised Windows 10 to users who have an existing Windows PC, so the upgrade won’t necessarily affect all Windows 10 PCs.

Microsoft will only be updating the Windows 10 version of the software in the coming months, so you’ll likely have to wait for a full upgrade.

Microsoft says the upgrade will work on both desktop and laptop computers.

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