What is Epic’s new Deck Creator?

Posted December 17, 2018 04:23:40The Deck Creator app for Epic’s Deck Editor was launched last week, and it’s one of the first software tools for developers to use for creating custom decks, or to use as a platform to share your work.

While it can be a bit of a pain to learn how to create a deck, the app makes it easy.

It comes with built-in templates, but if you want to customize it even more, Epic’s online help center will help you figure out how to get started.

In addition to editing deck files, Deck Creator is also a powerful way to create interactive stories.

You can share a video with friends, use it as a background, and even have a live chat with your favorite game developers to chat about the deck you created.

Deck Creator’s user interface is simple, but its powerful capabilities make it a great tool for building stories, as well as being a great way to share them online.

The first time you open Deck Creator, you’ll be greeted by a welcome screen that includes a list of cards, a gallery, and a list for cards in your deck.

The first thing you see is the deck’s name, which is displayed in a bold text font.

The second thing you’ll see is an icon that shows you a preview of the deck.

You’ll also see the icon for the card’s name on the right side of the screen.

The icon shows you that a card in your Deck is available for you to edit.

Click the edit button, and you’ll select the card you want edit.

The icon will change to a list, which shows you all the available cards for editing.

You could edit a card by selecting it, dragging it into the deck, and then dragging it out.

You would be able to delete a card from the deck by selecting its name, then clicking the delete button.

The edit menu will then appear, where you can select the desired edit and delete options, or you can go into the editor’s settings and edit all the cards at once.

If you want, you can also edit the cards themselves, which can be done by dragging them onto the edit area and then clicking on the edit icon.

The editing options available in the editor are straightforward, but they’re not as easy to use if you’re new to deck editing software.

The app opens with a small icon at the top that shows a list with a list box with a few options.

The most obvious of these is to open up the deck editor itself.

This opens up a quick preview of what you can edit.

It can be really confusing at first, as you have to click through a few menus to find the appropriate options.

The deck editor is simple and intuitive.

If the deck is empty, you’re not going to find much to edit in the app, but that’s the case if you open up a new deck.

If there are any cards you want added to the deck or you want edited, you simply click the edit or delete buttons to open a new window that has the cards for that particular edit or deletion.

The cards you can see in the edit window are the cards you’ll edit, so it’s important to know which cards you have edit permissions for.

You’re not required to click the save button to save the deck to your computer, but you need to be able see it.

You don’t have to open the edit page if you don’t want to edit it.

Once you’ve got the edit list open, you might be thinking that this is all a bit overwhelming.

The card editor isn’t that complicated to use, and the tools are intuitive.

Once you get a handle on the interface, though, the editing tools can get pretty daunting.

The Deck Creator interface is laid out in a grid, with cards in the center of the grid.

There’s a “view” button in the bottom right of the panel that allows you to see cards in full color or zoom in.

You also have a “edit” button that lets you edit the current card by dragging it to the appropriate area of the list.

Once a card is in the deck list, you need the “edit menu” to open it.

Here you can add cards, delete cards, and change the order of cards in a deck.

It’s a simple, yet powerful interface.

You can also change the color of the card to match its name.

In this case, you just need to select the name and drag it onto the editor.

You might need to drag a card to a specific location, like in the image above, to see it edit.

To delete a particular card, you drag it from the list and then click the delete icon.

You should also be able drag the card itself from the edit panel and delete it.

The editing options for a card are laid out on the card, and that’s what you’ll find when you click edit.

You just need

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