How to make your iPad a computer without using an iPad-specific keyboard or mouse

Wired article A year ago, Microsoft was poised to announce its next-generation Windows 10 laptop with an entirely different approach to tablet and PC computing.

In a world where touchscreen tablets and tablets with a touch screen are becoming the norm, Microsoft’s new Surface Pro 4 had been pitched as a tablet that could take a whole lot more out of your life than a laptop.

It was the first tablet Microsoft had ever made that didn’t rely on a traditional keyboard or touch screen.

Microsoft was also promising the Surface Pro 3 would be “the tablet for people who want a modern experience, without compromising performance.”

Microsoft, for its part, was touting the Surface Book as a “mobile tablet.”

But today, it looks like the Surface Pros are destined to be the last laptop you buy, as Microsoft’s CEO Kevin Turner announced during an earnings call last week.

“We are not going to be releasing an iPad Pro, but there are a few reasons we are not,” Turner said.

“First, we don’t want to make the Surface 3 too hard to use.

And second, we’re going to do everything we can to make sure that people who buy this device have a great experience.”

Here’s why Microsoft’s Surface Pro line is likely to be a long, long way from a tablet replacement.

First, Microsoft wants to sell a Surface Pro as a PC.

For years, Microsoft has been marketing Surface Pro PCs as laptops.

Microsoft’s tablet and laptop lineups are built around the Surface hardware.

The Surface Pro 2, Surface Pro, and Surface Pro Pen were all built around Surface hardware; the Surface Hub and Surface Dock were Surface devices that plugged into Surface devices.

In the past, Microsoft tried to market Surface Pro devices as laptops, and the Surface devices never really caught on.

The company has now launched its Surface Pro 10, Surface PRO 15, Surface Book, and finally Surface Pro 5 as a laptop for a reason.

For a while, it was thought that Microsoft was going to launch a Surface tablet later this year, but the Surface device was delayed by a year.

Then, last month, Microsoft announced a new Surface tablet that would be the first laptop to come in a design called the Surface Mini.

Surface Mini is actually a new version of the Surface tablet.

It’s smaller than the Surface line, and it uses a thinner screen and thinner aluminum body.

The device also has a detachable keyboard.

The new Surface Mini also has an integrated keyboard.

Microsoft also is offering the Surface mini with a Windows 10 upgrade program, but it’s not clear how many customers will be able to buy the Surface Minis, or whether the upgrade will be free or even free for everyone.

Microsoft is also going to offer the Surface Max as a replacement for the Surface and Surface Mini, and its price is expected to be around $600.

But for now, the Surface minis are a step down from the Surface Pen and Surface Book.

The Max has a larger screen, and has a higher resolution display.

It also has more RAM and storage.

The most notable difference between the Surface MAX and the Max Mini is that the Max is $500 cheaper.

Microsoft hasn’t said what the pricing of the MAX and MAX Mini will be, but Microsoft has already offered a few other Surface minuses.

Surface Pro Mini and Surface Max Pro Both the Surface, Surface, and Mini Pro are going to have the same screen size.

Microsoft will sell the Surface (and Max) as laptops on its website.

Microsoft has also made the Surface max and Max mini tablets available for purchase at retail.

Microsoft said the new Surface tablets will be available for sale at select retail stores on April 29, with the Surface tablets being available on April 28 and the Mini tablets at select retailers on April 25.

There are two ways to buy Surface Pros.

If you want a Surface Mini that comes with a keyboard and a trackpad, Microsoft is offering a Surface pro with the new keyboard, trackpad for $100.

If, instead, you want to buy a Surface Max and a keyboard for $500, Microsoft will also offer the Max with a trackboard for $350.

The keyboard and trackpad on the Max and the minis will both come with a $150 Windows 10 Upgrade Program.

The only difference between these two options is that Microsoft is going to sell the Max as an upgrade.

Microsoft could sell a laptop with a Surface keyboard and an Intel Core i5 processor for $1,199, while it could sell the max as an upgraded version of a Surface with a Core i7 processor and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 graphics card for $3,499.

If Microsoft does offer a new laptop in either of these options, it’s likely to start at $1 a day, with a month of free shipping for the first year and a $99 upgrade price for each subsequent year.

The $100 upgrade price doesn’t include a Microsoft Surface Book or Surface Pro Pro Pen, but these are expected to sell for $399 when they

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