Google says it is shutting down its search engine software business in the US

Google has shut down its own search engine in the United States, leaving only Oracle’s software behind.

The company, which makes Oracle’s Java programming language and other software for the Internet, said in a statement late Thursday that it would be ending its search platform in 2019.

Oracle announced Thursday that Google will be moving its business operations to its parent company’s headquarters in Mountain View, California.

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison said in the statement that he expects the move to benefit the company and the millions of Americans who rely on Google’s services.

“The decision is a win for Google and our customers, who will be able to move to the cloud, work remotely and get paid on the side,” Ellison said.

Google will retain its search business in China, which is a critical market for the company, but the move means it will no longer have a presence in the U.S.

The move is part of Google’s broader effort to diversify its business in a globalized world.

It is not the first time that Google has taken on a smaller, local business.

Last year, it bought the technology-related software company Salesforce.

Oracle also announced Thursday it is investing $3 billion to develop new software for its search software.

That includes software developed by a Google employee, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Oracle said in its statement that it will continue to operate its own technology, including its core software for Java and other products.

Oracle also said it will not be buying new software products, but it will instead focus on developing its own software.

Oracle will keep selling its software, including Oracle Search, in the world, it said.

The news comes as Google continues to fight a class-action lawsuit that accuses the company of misleading consumers about how Java software works.

Oracle has disputed the allegations in the suit, and has said that the company is in compliance with federal antitrust laws.

Google, which has spent years fighting the suit and has made billions from advertising on its search results, has been trying to convince antitrust regulators to give it more power to determine how to distribute its own Java software.

Google has made clear that it plans to continue to distribute the software in many places, including for Google search, Google Maps, Gmail and Chrome.

Oracle sued Google last year, accusing the company for conspiring to deceive consumers about Java, which Oracle says was a secret technology.

Google has said the lawsuit is based on lies and that it has been using its monopoly position to push through the software changes.

Oracle’s lawsuit also accuses Google of creating a hostile work environment and discriminating against its customers, which it also denied.

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