‘We have a lot of work to do’: Apple’s ‘big picture’ video app has struggled to get its act together

Apple’s new video app is not the first video app to struggle with the release of iOS 11.

Apple has also struggled with its video apps in the past, with several videos breaking for some reason, only to be updated or replaced a few months later.

But Apple has managed to put the app on a good note by introducing the new ‘We Have a Lot of Work to Do’ app.

“We’re working hard to deliver a great video experience that brings video to everyone,” the new app says.

The app does not explain exactly what that means, but it appears to be an attempt to explain what is happening in a video that was uploaded recently, as the first thing that pops up when you open it.

It’s a welcome update, and the app is clearly a big improvement over the old version.

Apple seems to be focusing on video content that is relevant to Apple products.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has said that the app will have a video feed that highlights what you’re watching and will provide “in-depth and relevant content.”

“We have been working hard for years to make sure we’ve made the best video experience available for our customers,” Cook said.

Apple says the new version of the app has been designed to be accessible to “everybody” on iOS 11, and includes features like video highlights, a full-screen view, and more.

“With the launch of the iPhone X, our team has been working on a brand new video experience for iPhone X owners,” a spokesperson said.

“It brings all of the same great features that made the original video app great, like the ability to watch videos in the background, share clips with friends, and quickly access your favorite video clips from your favorite app.”

Apple said that it will also introduce the new video feed to Apple Watch owners in the next couple of months, but that Apple Watch users won’t be able to access it until late 2018.

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