How to make your iPhone 4S look like an iPad 4

We’ve been getting the same questions over and over again: how do I get the same look?

So I decided to find out, but it wasn’t easy. 

In order to get the iPhone look, I had to make it look like the iPad. 

It’s a tricky process. 

The first step was to make the iPhone 4.

I was using a photo-illustrator, but if you don’t have a photo editor, you could just use Photoshop.

Once I had my iPhone 4, I decided I wanted to make sure it was the same as the iPad, and so I used a photo of the iPad as a template. 

I started with the edges of the iPhone.

I wanted it to look like a real iPad, but I also wanted to keep the same size as the iPhone, so I added a bit of detail around the edges to make them feel more real.

Then I started adding details to the corners. 

This is the iPad I’m using in the photo.

I made it look as if the iPad was a real tablet by adding a bit more detail around it. 

Then I added details to each edge.

This is what it looked like when I added some details.

The bottom right of the photo was the iPad logo.

I used Photoshop to make that the iPad’s logo. 

Once I added the iPad icon to the top of the image, I made sure the image looked as if it was in the same position.

It also meant I needed to add the icon to every other edge. 

To make the top edge look like it was from a real phone, I took the iPhone logo and made it smaller.

I added that to the bottom right. 

Finally, I added all the details.

I took everything that was missing, and made the iPad look as real as possible.

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