What you need to know about the latest version of antivirus for Windows 10

There are some changes coming to Microsoft’s antivirus suite that are likely to cause some headaches for users who use Windows 10.

Microsoft has just updated its antivirus toolset to version 9.5.5, which is the most recent version of the software, which the company announced last week.

Microsoft also announced that a number of security updates have been released for the software.

Here’s a rundown of what’s new in version 9: The new version includes several security fixes, including one that fixes a flaw that allowed an attacker to compromise a user’s Microsoft account, the company said.

“The current versions of Microsoft Windows and Office products are vulnerable to a new attack that could allow an attacker with a valid Microsoft account to obtain sensitive information and logon to a user account, including the current user’s password,” Microsoft said.

The updated version of Microsoft’s software will allow a user to change their password in Windows 10 and to update their Windows 10 installation.

However, the new version of Windows will not allow the user to log on to a PC that they already own or control.

Microsoft said it will offer additional help for users with compromised accounts.

“If a user who has been compromised becomes aware that they have access to their own credentials, they can use the new password reset tool to reset them.

If they do not, they may have to reinstall the PC,” the company wrote.

Microsoft will also be making changes to the way it uses the Windows Defender service.

“It’s no longer necessary to manually configure and configure the Defender service to protect a user against security threats.

The user can now configure and manage the service on their own,” the new software said.

Microsoft’s update also includes a new security update for the Windows Update service.

Microsoft is introducing a new feature that allows users to turn off the Windows 10 update, which will allow them to install new versions of Windows 10 that do not contain the newest security updates.

Microsoft may also introduce a new set of security settings that can be applied to Windows 10 machines and help prevent them from installing updates that may contain security threats, Microsoft said in its update.

Microsoft says it is also working to update the Windows update to a version that has been in use for a long time, so users can upgrade to the new security updates faster.

The latest version is available for free on the Microsoft website.

You can download the latest Windows 10 software update from Microsoft.com.

Here are some other changes that Microsoft made to the software: Users will be able to turn on the Windows Insider Program, Microsoft’s online testing program for developers and the public, so that people who want to work on their PC can see the latest versions of the latest software.

The company is also updating the Windows desktop and the Start menu so that users can easily access them, and it is updating some settings related to security and privacy.

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