A new type of killer whale: A new species of killer fish

An ancient, mysterious creature from the deepest parts of the ocean that has been called a “killer whale” has been found off the coast of Brazil.

Drake and his colleagues reported the discovery in a recent issue of the journal Nature Communications.

The fossil was discovered on the edge of the Brazilian Amazon by a dive team in 2013.

Scientists have identified the animal as a new species called Pachycephalosaurus, which has been named after the Greek poet of the same name.

Pachycephalosaurs were once thought to be the last of their kind, but scientists believe the creature may have been living hundreds of thousands of years ago.

They have since discovered evidence that the species could be more than a mere “curious relic,” and that it has been living in the ocean floor for billions of years.

It is now known that Pachycephals lived at depths of about 1,500 feet, and had a powerful jaw capable of crushing up fish.

A species of the group known as Porphyryon was discovered in the same area in the 1980s, and is thought to have been related to the new species.

According to Drake, the new discovery adds to the growing body of research on the new Pachyceteosaur.

“We think this new species is a completely new and unique type of predator,” Drake told The Washington Post.

He added that there is no reason to think that any other marine animals are closely related to Pachychysis, but that “it’s an interesting case study.”

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