Why is Amazon selling an avalanche software package?

The company, which sells home security and video surveillance software, announced Tuesday that it has signed a deal with the federal government to make its software available for use by the military and law enforcement.

Amazon’s move to get involved with the military is not a surprising one.

In 2013, Amazon partnered with the U.S. Army to offer an emergency response system to police.

The Amazon partnership has attracted a lot of attention, and has garnered praise from both the privacy and civil liberties communities.

But there are also concerns.

For one, Amazon is a major player in the field of cloud computing and the vast amount of information that it contains.

It has already sold its cloud services to other companies.

And it has been accused of being a conduit for data collection by the government, including data on how people use its services.

The military and private companies have a history of sharing data.

Last year, Amazon and Google collaborated to make their products available for military use.

And last year, the Department of Defense’s Office of Information and Analysis (IOAA) began allowing the sharing of customer information with the private sector.

The privacy and data security community has expressed concern about the partnership with Amazon, and Amazon has repeatedly called for changes to the federal surveillance legislation.

But the military has generally been silent on the issue.

For instance, in a 2014 statement, Amazon said:We’ve always made clear that we believe the government should not be in the business of collecting data from Amazon customers.

And we believe we have the tools to fight back against any such data collection.

In the past, Amazon has also said that it will work to get around government requirements to keep user data secure.

The agreement with the Pentagon comes on the heels of another announcement by Amazon that it is working with the Army to develop cloud computing technology that could be used for military operations.

The company has previously partnered with both the U-2 and the UB-1 spy planes.

Amazon said the company will also work with the Air Force to develop its own cloud computing software.

The news of Amazon’s involvement comes after the Federal Trade Commission fined Amazon $1.9 million last year for its alleged practice of selling software to companies that it said were not in compliance with the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act, or CALEA.

The FTC said Amazon failed to disclose to customers that it was selling software that was not compliant with CALEA, despite an earlier notice that it had been alerted about the issue in 2012.

The Federal Trade Commision also fined Amazon for violating a clause in its privacy policy that said it should be “aware of and report to law enforcement authorities any violations of the law.”

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