Which Red Rover mouse driver is the best?

Red Rover’s latest software update to the Red X4, introduced to the UK market in April, was hailed by fans as a milestone, but some drivers have been a bit of a mess. 

In particular, driver update software from Red X5 was found to be riddled with problems and it is not clear whether the problem is simply due to an underlying flaw or a serious flaw in the update. 

While Red X3, which came to the US in March, was also said to have a major flaw, this one seems to be more severe. 

The update, dubbed Driver Update for Red X2, was originally slated to be released to Red X1 users this week, but this has not yet been confirmed. 

As of press time, no update has been posted for Red Rover X1 owners. 

One Red Rover user has been using the software update for over two weeks, which apparently fixes some of the more minor issues. 

“I have used Red X for about a month now and I am still getting used to the new software,” wrote one user on the Red Rover forum. 

This driver update should address some of these minor issues, but the drivers still have some bugs to work out. 

Some Red Rover users also expressed disappointment that Red Rover would not offer a full firmware update to fix the problems, even though the driver update for the RedX2 driver update had already been posted to the update forum.

“We can’t do that because Red Rover still uses a proprietary driver,” said another user. 

A spokesperson for Red Bull declined to comment on the problem, but a spokesperson for the manufacturer said the company was aware of the issue and is working to resolve it. 

Meanwhile, another user has put together a detailed guide to updating your Red Rover drivers. 

Check out the full guide on the official Red Rover site. 

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