Why do you write novels?

By writing novels, you are writing your own story.

In your story, you can tell a story.

Your story is the whole story.

You are writing the whole truth.

You have created your own life, your own world.

You are writing a story that is your own creation.

It is a story about the human spirit, about the life of man.

Your world is your story.

The story is your life, a life that is all its own story, and it is your only story.

You have created the whole world, and you are the creator of the whole human spirit.

You write the whole book.

You write the first chapter of the book.

Then you write the second chapter.

Then the third chapter, and so on.

You know you have created a whole world.

You know you wrote the story that made you a human being.

And you have made the whole universe into your book.

You do not have to write your book in a specific order, but you should do that.

And the story will take place in stages, and there will be a few chapters that you want to write.

Then, the story has to end, and then the next chapter will begin.

You will see that the story is not the whole life of the human being that you have lived.

You may know that the whole thing is the story of your life.

And in the story you have just written, you know that you are in the beginning, and that there is a beginning, a beginning and an end.

But you know there is an ending to all that.

You cannot see the end.

You must leave it behind, and go into another story.

In this sense, the human story is just a story of the creation of the universe.

You do not know when that universe began.

It has no beginning, no end.

It begins and ends.

You did not create it.

You created it.

The universe was created.

And then it is gone.

But it is still there.

You can leave it, you will go to another universe, and when you come back you will know it is not all gone.

You will have to leave the book behind and go to other worlds.

You need a new book.

It needs to be different from the book you are currently reading.

If you are reading a story in which the story begins with an ending, you have a story written in which that story is over.

You see it, and the story stops.

And that is the end of that story.

The author has created the world, but he does not know that.

He has created a story which has ended in the middle, but this story is going on.

The writer does not realize that.

So he does the wrong thing.

You should think that the world is empty.

He should not think that there will not be a future for him.

He has created his world in such a way that the time when he leaves the book will not last long.

There will be no other story, no other universe.

The story does not have a beginning.

It does not begin, and therefore the reader cannot know the end to the story.

But he does know the beginning.

He does not even know the time that he leaves it behind.

So this book is already finished, but it is finished and is going to be finished for ever.

It is not possible to know when you are finished with the book because there is no beginning.

The world does not end, but the world will always be.

You shall leave the world behind.

You might as well go back to your childhood.

You would like to go back and do the same thing again.

You cannot create the universe by writing your book; you must create the world by writing the book, and as soon as you finish your book, the universe is going forward and going forward again.

It cannot end.

If it does, then the universe will end.

It can be said that the universe has no end and no beginning; that there has been a beginning but there is now no beginning to that beginning, because the world has been created and there is nothing left to create.

This is the human life, the world.

If the world ends, then it will be all over.

If a story has ended, the whole whole story is gone, but if you have written a book, then you have done your job and are done with it.

If your book ends, you may go on writing your story until the next book begins.

You may know how to say this to the person who has just finished your book and is writing a new one.

The book you have finished is no longer the story; it is the universe, which has been given to you.

The new book has no beginnings, no ends.

But the universe that you just wrote is a world that is going ahead and going ahead.

It may be a world where you have been born and you have died.

It will be the same world.

There may be an end to it, but there

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